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Films play a crucial role in not only reflecting the reality of the society but at the same time, moulding the society as per the requirements through the moving storylines they present. This is how and why good cinema plays an integral part in maintaining the society. The films that create an impact on the society not necessarily belong to the nation, but can be brought in from the rest of the world. There are a number of accounts found on Helo India which offer reviews and fun facts about different Hollywood films. These help the users to watch the films they prefer. Here are the top 5 accounts to follow on Helo for Hollywood film insights:


Hollywood movie: Over 3.7k followers of the account ‘Hollywood movie’ eagerly look forward to the regular updates by its handler, who gives interesting updates on different Hollywood films through pictures, videos, WhatsApp statuses, and clips. These updates often make the viewers intrigued to watch the movies and the rest is history.

Hollywood Fan😍😍😍: The testimony of success to this page is its fan following of 7.3k users with mere 140 posts since inception. This account shares interesting videos from different Hollywood films as clips or WhatsApp statuses, keeping the people engaged and entertained through the wise selection of posts.

Hollywood tamizha: Another successfully growing account, the Hollywood tamizha shares interesting clips and videos from different Hollywood films that users can see to entertain themselves, share or set as WhatsApp statuses. The handle has over 7.5k followers with merely 65 posts till the date.

Hollywood Tamilan: This account owner surely knows how to keep people entertained, as with only 51 posts to date, he has managed to get over 14k followers. The account shares videos, memes and pictures of different films/actors and actresses, keeping the feed jolly and alive with laughter.

Hollywood mega world fan page: With just 88 posts, this account has over 2.2k followers, looking forward to getting entertained by the peppy posts that the account holder uploads. This handle adds gossip about Bollywood, along with quizzes and different trivia as well, keeping the users engaged.

These accounts are merely 5 of numerous more, sharing different media about movies, which can be explored through the Helo app without any hassle. Explore today and find out the best of Hollywood films to enjoy later.

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