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Home Based Business Ideas

Empty brain is house of devil, thus get yourself occupied with something interesting. Getting yourself occupied with some work that generates income also is very endearing. It is bliss if you can work and stay at home at the same time to look after your kids and husband. There is a lot of work from business ideas for women. Gone are the days where a women all her life was dependent on a man for her financial security and stability, today she can work and be a homemaker at the same time and here are the business ideas for women, these business ideas need low investment and can be easily started from home:

  • Food and related- the goodness of home cooked authentic food can never fade. Start your business of home made food like, pickles, jams, snacks, cakes, sweets, desserts, chocolates or even simple parantha. There is no looking back in this work and there will be regular work flow. Use software to manage your inventory. Using Fresh Books can help to maintain the cash register with much ease. It is a user friendly software. It will help you to maintain the time given on project, invoice of customers, client details and manage expenses. For food related work where there is lot of inventory to maintain and the daily catering business gives monthly payments it is good way to maintain your accounts and help calculate profits.


  • Blogging- Blogging is passion, it is a way you express yourself to the world and share your two pennies of thoughts on any given matter. Thus it is very interesting and entertaining business idea for the homemakers. From the comfort of your home start your blog and just enjoy the beautiful journey of blogging. Here also the use of software will help to simplify the things. Using 17 hats will help maintain the calendar for events, invoices, contracts, tasks, projects, workflow and much more.


  • Jewelry making- costume and fashion jewelry are in rage these days. We all love them and all over the world they are in demand for use and gifting purposes. The fact that you can create a piece of fashion that will be adorned by someone will give you new high. Again there goes a lot of time, raw material in making a piece of jewelry. Thus using software to maintain the whole business is very important. In this type of business where the demand and desire of client is the central point, it requires and app that helps you to deal with customers more effectively. Using the software UserIQ helps you to stay proactive with your customers thus give you an edge above your competitors. Using NPS and custom surveys help you to quickly get the views of customer and thus excel in business.


  • Content writing- the are of writing good articles is highly in demand and if you can pen your thoughts there is no stopping from growing in this field. Use the software and mange your tasks, lists and notes and grow in this field without much hassle.

Gearing up and getting started with work just needs your dedication and right use of software.


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