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Importance of Learning Foreign Language

Communication plays very important role in our life. It is vital in terms of exchanging thoughts & ideas with each other. In this era of privatization & globalization it is very much important to know the multiple languages for maintaining pace with today’s corporate world. Learning foreign language is also important because it gives immense opportunity of jobs both in India & outside India. Now a day’s importance of foreign language has been increased because of increased market size, people are getting number of career opportunities which is getting expanded day by day due to MNC companies developing their business in India as our country is one of the developing country, hence knowledge of foreign language helps in grooming individual in both ways that is personality & monetary benefits. Also as per the Physiological studies has shown that people having knowledge of two or more foreign language are most competent for the task which requires focus and short term memory.

Why German & French language is important:

Two foreign language that is German & French are used globally, wherein German language is one of the major language which is spoken by somewhere around 90 to 98 million native speakers. On the other hand French is used by approx. 136 million people worldwide as first languages also in 57 countries French speaking mass are available. About 41 countries consider French as official language. French is also very frequently used on internet. Importance of both the languages also increases because these two languages are official language of the European Union. Command on foreign languages boost the confidence of individual in terms of handling people & also MNC’s count it as additional benefit because it makes easier to handle the foreign clients.

Scope of learning German & French language:

German language is one of the most demanding languages because after English, German is most widely spoken first language in European Union & French is the third most widely spoken language in European Union & also it is widely used as a language for business purpose.

As India has one of the largest market in the world with second highest population, scope for French becomes wider due to large number of French organizations has opened joint venture in India in corporate sector.

Few personal benefits of learning multiple foreign languages:

  • It improves overall memory strength & helps in memorizing things such as telephone numbers, shopping list etc.
  • It helps in learning multiple cultures & there literature which increase knowledge.
  • Multilingual speakers has knowledge of different languages they interact frequently & switch languages as per the need of the hour which helps in exercise of brain, This juggling skill helps in reduction of mistakes in there day to day activities such as driving or calculating or memorizing things.
  • Bilingual people are confident & more impressive in taking decisions as they think on agenda with two different aspects with the help of knowledge of multiple foreign languages.
  • It also helps in understanding once own native language properly because learning foreign language helps in improving grammar, sentence formation, pronunciation which makes easy to understand once own native language easily & fluently.
  • Above all it provides large number of job opportunities & helps in grooming overall personality of individual.

Institutions for Foreign language in India:

Language Award University Website
French MA University of Delhi
French MA University of Calcutta
French PhD Goa University
French Diploma Kurukshetra University
French BA/MA University of Mumbai
German Diploma University of Calcutta
German Diploma D B A M University
German Certificate (PT) Guru Nanak Dev University
German Diploma Kurukshetra University


Job Opportunities in India for German & French language:

Good knowledge of French & German language opens many job opportunities in India, below are the few fields mentioned where individual can try:

  • International Business
  • Tourism (France is world’s major foreign tourist destination)
  • Teaching (National & International)
  • Translation
  • Interpreter
  • BPO, Call centers
  • Trade (Import & Export of goods & services)
  • Hospitality Industry
  • MNC’s companies in India dealing with French or German organizations.
  • International Agencies.
  • E- commerce


Making a decision to learn foreign language can be a big decision but learning it thoroughly with complete command on reading, writing, speaking & framing sentences will provide large number of career opportunities both in India & outside India. As per my analysis learning foreign languages only gives you positive effects & no drawbacks. As learning is a continuous process, hence it is well worth to learn some new language which will add value in once career & resume.

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