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Buying gifts for our loved ones or ourselves is the best feeling. Who does not love it? At least I love it but finding the best place to buy the gifts is rare to find.

The gift that you buy or give should be the best and show your love and care for the person you are gifting. Importantly while buying anything I look towards it is sustainable and is eco-friendly option. The gift should not only be a gift for the person but also a gift to the nature by conserving it. The gifts need to be timeless and depict charm in its being.


Therefore much thinking I thought why not always buy something that is rich in heritage quotient and is sustainable. India is a country with rich culture and art with every state and corner having its distinct touch. Thus what better than buying from the site of itokri. As the name goes “tokri” in the name suggests the site being very Indian and rustic way of shopping. Moreover, adding “I” to its name signifies its presence in the e-commerce platform.


Now that I was fully satisfied by the site I went ahead to buy something for myself. The site was full of stuff that one cannot simply resist. You name goodie and its there. Making a wish list while on the site is very easy and will take just few seconds. From sarees to jewelry, to kitchen utensils, to stoles and rugs, there was an huge array of products available there which are completely mesmerizing.


The sarees on the site are handloom and procured from the weavers. There is ajarkah,, bandhani, kalamkari, chicken to name a few. The jewelry section is also versatile and has collection from the tribal art of India apart from fabric, copper, kutchi mirror work, bamboo, and more.


However, my heart fell for the bamboo planter. It was a hand carved natural single bamboo wood. The piece is all that one can call elegance. It looks stunning and adds the natural vibe to my otherwise modern decorated house. As it’s made from bamboo it is easy to clean it by just wiping it from a wet cloth. My kids are small and due to lockdown they often play at home, thus having the glasses vases is not feasible and therefore this piece adds attraction to my house without the fear of them getting broken.


The second stuff that I bought from the site was a chopping board. The handcrafted bamboo chopping board is the solution when I did not want to use the plastic chopping boards. I love cooking and chopping salad thus this option was the best solution. I loved the finesse of this chopping board. It is easy to clean it and with a single sweep all the veggies and fruits are cleaned and put on the plate.

The site is truly rewarding and the showcases the craft and skill of craftsman. I loved the site and the way it strives to promote art and culture of our motherland.



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