Make Your Day: Name and fame of the TikTokers

TikTok has turned out to be a wonderful app for creating celebrities and also many celebrities have joined the forum to connect and entertain their followers. It has gained popularity and has made people popular, while also attracting popular faces. In theory, TikTok is just an app, where the users post short videos, but then it’s not just an app, it’s so much more. It is a stage where people from all parts of the world strive to get attention and recognition. The lockdown gave many celebrities a wonderful opportunity to entertain their fans through this platform. All they had to do was post videos showcasing their creativity, and it became a global success.

TikTok has touched hearts:

The platform has reached millions and the videos posted there touched many hearts in our country. Through tough times and stressful days, many videos and memes made us smile and provided a happy distraction from our woes. During this period several stars like Shilpa Shetty, Ritiesh Deshmukh, Varun Dhawan and television stars as well as cricketers have utilised the platform as means to connect with their fans and viewers. While dealing with the impact of COVID and the lockdown has come down hard on many and has shaken even the strongest of minds, a little creative relief during this period is like a warm welcome and content creators have done a brilliant job of helping viewers come out of this slump through their innovative content. As long as ethics are in place and guidelines are maintained, creating and sharing content that puts the smiles back on people’s faces is worth the effort and time. Browsing videos on Tiktok is useful and entertaining. In fact it gives you reasons to cherish moments spent on it and pushes fears and worries to the sidelines, even if only temporarily.

What makes TikTok so endearing?
Tiktok videos online  personify and bring out the fun even in the most mundane of situations. It is also probably the first platform that brings in generations together having fun. The platform also showcases educational content to teens, pre-teens, and young adults in a very comical and endearing way. The platform has inspired millions to showcase their ingenuity and talent and brought about a positive change in them, while encouraging talent development. The videos shared by the creators have a sense of inclusivity.

TikTok app is a huge creative canvas. People come from different walks of life and embrace the platform to showcase their talent and earn fame along with money.

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