Music is in the air; Rostrum’s Benjy Grinberg Joins De la Soul In fight to get masters back from Tommy Boy

De La Soul and Tommy Boy Records have been in a musical war to win the grand title of De La’s masters for years. It has been in public to come a head in 2019 when the most cherished hip hop group put the label on blast via Instagram, and accusing founder Tom Silverman as a crooked mean businessman. Shockingly even after rounds of negotiations to set the dust and dirt over the matter there has been no difference in the situation and is still in the same phase where it all started. However, the founder of Rostrum Records, Benjy grinberg  took the  initiative to help and settle the matter in the best interest of all.

As per one of the memes that went viral it made a point wherein Grinberg was attempting to buy Tommy Boy to settle the matter and return the masters to De La. The meme turned out to be accurate and depicts the importance of De La in his life.

In an interview when asked for clarification over the matter he responded that De La Soul was very important to him and has immense impact on his musical upbringing. He admitted that it was only for De La Soul and Prince Paul that his love and commitment towards Hip Hop started. It has influenced his creativity and contribution in the field of Hip Hop. He feels committed towards the league and wants to create a positive and impactful influence in any possible manner. However, he admits that it is an uphill battle and reaching a positive not with Tommy Boy is not as easy as it may seem to be.

De La Soul is tired of Tommy Boy. Streaming contract
De La Soul dropped six studio albums with the longtime label and the list includes 1989 seminal debut 3 Feet High and Rising, 1991’s De La Soul is Dead, and 1993’s Buhloone Mindstate. Last February the New York bred trio explained and blamed the offer given by Tommy Boy.

They had communicated with their fans in a very heart wrenching note and announced that the music will be released digitally after being committed to De La Soul and being the part of an incredible journey of rising to be the best they will not taste how it feels to be successful. The business and money matter deals that erupted had made the matters worse. The sales proceeds will go 90% to Tommy Boy and 10% to De La and this is unjust. They want music to thrive and the real artists should be paid for their commitment and hard work rather that any businessperson with his unethical ways gets the benefits. They just demand for support and respect for the culture. They urge the fans to extend their support and help them win the journey as it supports a good cause.

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