Protecting Kids from Mobile Phones

Mobile, delhi, delhibyheart, kids, addiction

Looking at the present era of technology mobile phones and internet is the need of an hour but at the same time it is very much important to save your child from mobile phone & internet. Our own experience is enough to justify this point that management of mobile phone requires fair amount of self-discipline, so it is quite genuine to be worried about your Kids when they are ready for their first cell phone.

Mobile, delhi, delhibyheart, kids, addiction

Accepting the truth that this device helps you and your child to get connected when you are apart but at the same time addiction towards it is a serious concern. It has been found that majority of kids these days are addicted towards the cell phone & internet and they use it too much.

Mobile phone and internet are also known for separating people as your child in same house will start spending more time with internet and less time with parents. This is a clear indication that your child is getting addicted towards the mobile phones and internet.
Ways to prevent your child from mobile phones and internet:

Avoid giving phone to your kids at early stage of life: It is the fact that at younger age, it would be difficult for the child to understand the responsibilities towards the cell phone, they will unknowingly misuse it which will leave adverse impact on their carrier & future.

Control App: Parents should control the usage of internet through various parent controllable app available in market& should keep a keen eye on the activities of their children so that their children should use and see right things on internet.

Set Expectation before giving mobile phones: Before giving mobile phones to your children ask them to agree on certain expectations in written so that they own that point and negotiate with them until and unless you are happy with the conditions which is good for your kids.

Brief Discussion: As a parent in your daily interaction with your children, try to talk to them about the usage of internet, which all applications they have accessed on that day and also what all searches they have done on YouTube or other multimedia applications. Also keep a watch on whom your children have been interacting on messages with, throughout the day. This will help you to identify what all your child is doing with his mobile phone

Motivate them for playing outdoor games: As we know that playing games act as a stress buster and it makes you feel relaxed so, motivate your child to play outdoor games instead of playing games in mobile phones and PC.

Mobile, delhi, delhibyheart, kids, addiction

This will help them to enjoy their childhood. Make them realize that if knowledge of technology is important so spending time with nature is equally important for physical fitness. This technique will keep them away for some time from internet and mobile phones.

Mobile, delhi, delhibyheart, kids, addiction

Time Out for technology: Ask your child to submit his phone for few hours to you and spend quality time with family. Make them realize that family is more important than anything. Talk to them about their school, college or on any general topic. This will again help you to keep them away from internet for short duration.

I am sure that if you will try the above-mentioned points on your children, it will work effectively. It’s very much important to make your children realize that knowledge of technology is important for competing in today’s world but other things are equally important as well. Inspire them always to live a balanced life like true human being not a tech savvy life like a robot.

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