The need of accepting sustainable energy as the modern form of energy

It has been estimated, that by 2040 the requirements of electricity will reach 9 billion. To meet the increased needs the, increase in the production of electricity will be at 28%. The difference is massive and will, however, create a huge difference between the demand and supply of electricity. To avoid all these situations of disparity it, is important that sustainable sources of energy and electricity storages are developed. Not only use of sustainable energy, or its management but also its management is equally important as it will solve some of the significant challenges that are being faced presently in the world.

What is sustainable energy?
Sustainable energy is the form of energy that is available for us without the fear that it will get depleted and can be used again and again. Sustainable energy should be promoted as it safe, clean, secure and available abundantly. It is also the cheap source of energy as it is available free of cost. Some of the sustainable energy sources are sun, wind, hydropower, ocean energy, and geothermal. Sustainable energy is so called, as it is stable and available in plenty.

Sun- will continue to provide sunlight till eternity. The heat of sun will cause the winds to blow and Earth will continue to produce heat from within and this heat will not cool down till the end of life on Earth (sun is the source of life on Earth and if sun ends the life on earth will end. The movement (rotation and revolution) of Sun, earth and moon will continue causing tides. The water from water bodies will evaporate and will condense to fall as ice or rain again on Earth and this will fill the streams and lakes then flow in the oceans and falls and produce energy called as hydropower. It is complete water cycle that will be there forever. Thus it is clear that these sources of energy are sustainable and will fulfill the needs of electricity for the future generations as they will be there forever.

Douglas Healy an attorney at Healy Law offices shares his two cents on the hot topic of sustainable energy and its management. Apart from him there are several other visionaries that had the same vision for sustainable energy for the future generations. Some of the companies are now conducting research in the field of management of sustainable energy. The concept is to use these sources of energy optimally. For example wind will not always blow creating tidal energy of the sun will not give heat on a rainy day or night. However even during these periods when the energy is not available it is energy is required for consumption. Thus these energies when produced need to be stored efficiently without investing much on storage so that they can be used for future consumption.

Apart fro generating and storing it is also required that we use energy optimally without wasting it as anything if wasted and not used respectfully will not be there for being used. Use energy efficiently and effectively so as to save it for future generations.

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