To do home décor of next level log on to ExclusiveLane

After my little one became a bit more careful with things around in the home I decided that it was time to add more character and decor stuff to my house. While searching online I came across this one very beautiful and well organized site Exclusivelane  which  at an instant stole my heart. It was the page where I had to be to get the best stuff for my home right from wall hangings, to crockery, cutlery, pots, planters, tea lights, ceramic dining sets and much more.

Spice boxes- like any mother I am way to concern about the food that my kids will be eating and ensure that my kitchen is well organized and beautiful. Having beautiful kitchen with beautiful kitchen gadgets and stuff makes me more indulged in cooking. The very beautiful spice box in the shape of triangle is the new addition in y kitchen that makes cooking more interesting. Importantly, the spice box is made of wood and this makes it healthier and helps me stay away from plastic.

Ceramic plates- I prefer feeding my kids and guests in ceramic plates as it connect you to the grounds and your roots. Importantly the beautiful designs add to the beauty of food and makes interesting food more interesting. The ceramics plates and bowls are a visual treat and adds to the oomph factor to the food served in it.

Wall décor- any home has walls and that speaks much. The walls are an extension personalities of the people residing in it. I love colors and have always wanted a house full of colors like my kids who have filled so much of colors in our lives. I got to piece owl wall hanging in my home. It adds so much of character and spark to my hall and my little one loves it. The kids love it and weekly they clean it thus a small habit of making them independent.

Pots and planter- green is the most soothing color and having green plants and pots at home makes the air of home more pure. It is well stated fact that the air in the homes are more dirty and having plants in home to clean the air is crucial. The pots and planters from the site are like cool breeze of air. Having the plants at home and seeing the kids rejoicing while seeing new leaves, buds and flowers is a site to be cherished. They can feel lie with these plants and its totally mesmerizing to see them.

Cups and mugs- my kids hate milk and to bribe them I got the colorful cups and mugs from the site and it has done the trick to make them go crazy after having milk.

Above all the reasons stated above are just an excuse to get the stuff more important reason is that I want to support the small artisans and go with the slogan “go vocal for local.”

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