About Us


Hi everyone, I am Preeti A hands down mommy of two angels and was a teacher by profession. Had to take a sabbatical to enjoy the phase of growing my kids.The phase in which i was living a dream and raising also two dreams and the mother in me wanted to share the journey with all thus my third baby my blog came in the picture. Motherhood was the best feeling of my life a I wanted to shout and say hey look here I am a mom. I wanted to create memories to cherish as each day had a story some moments that engraved their impressions on my heart thus what better a blog to share my journey of life and parenting ,it may be different from yours but with the same motive of creating good and compassionate human beings. I have a voice a few thoughts that i want to share with all the amazing people sitting on the other side of the screen and find an extension of my persona .