Self Defense training for Women

Women, self defence, delhi, delhibyheart, delhiblogger, rape, crime

Every day in newspapers and on social media, we hear about the rape cases in different parts of the country and see how women being victimized. That’s why now a days it’s important for women to know how to defend themselves. Looking at the current scenario, it is very much necessary for women to be empowered by all means. In today’s world where we are hearing brutal cases of murder, acid attacks and rape cases on women frequently we can’t trust on strangers. Anybody can be harmful and anybody can hurt us. As rape is the fourth most common crime in India against, women. A woman will not be partnered with a male to save her every time she is attacked. This grows the need of self-defense and you must be fit and trained enough to fight your own battle

Women, self defence, delhi, delhibyheart, delhiblogger, rape, crime

Every woman must take training for self-defense due to the following reason:


Every woman should know how to protect herself and her family. The goal behind providing training is not to make them fight every time, rather the aim is to make them self-dependent so that they can handle the situation without wasting time in seeking help. Self-defense will also help women to protect themselves from getting injured during the fight. You need to learn such arts in life so that you can fight for your life and respect which you own and sometimes your training can also help others and save their lives

It builds confidence:

When you are not secure you will always feel low on confidence part no matter whatever the place may be whether it is your home, workplace, society or anywhere else. Learning defending skills and art will make you feel worth. Self-defense gives empowerment to women and makes them feel confident and proud. People will also think twice before harming you if they know that you are well aware about self-defense techniques.  It’s time to understand that self-defense is not something which is only patent for men as women can also easily do this.

Self-defense as profession: Self-defense can also be followed as profession as women are more comfortable with female coaches instead of male coaches so, if you are well versed with the self-defense techniques you can open coaching for the same and believe me you will feel satisfied after making many women empowered and safe. Self-defense instills the confidence in women and also applies daily discipline to their lives.

Top self-defense technique:

Akido Defense: It requires very little strength and it has been originated from Japan.

Women, self defence, delhi, delhibyheart, delhiblogger, rape, crime

Martial art: This art helps you in understanding the attackers move and act against him in order to save yourself.

Karate: it is a well-known martial art and originated from Japan.

Women, self defence, delhi, delhibyheart, delhiblogger, rape, crime

Kung Fu: It is the grandfather of all martial arts and is originated from China.

Above mentioned are the self-defense arts which can be learned for self-protection. Apart from these there are few other famous arts in India such as Kalarippayattu, Wushu, last but not the least mixed marital art.

Top famous Institution in India for self-defense:

  • Crime check India (Delhi)
  • The hope education (South Delhi)
  • Aryan Marital Art Temple (Delhi)
  • Sanshinkan Mma Fitzone.

Above mentioned are few institutions in Delhi which helps you in learning martial arts. Martial art is something where you can use your body parts as weapons and fight. The main thing to focus in martial art is to learn when to attack and when to defend yourself which is the only key point which needs focus.

Women, self defence, delhi, delhibyheart, delhiblogger, rape, crime

For a girl proper age of training is 11 years, some basic self-defense moves can be learned easily at this age. For proper training one must join martial art school so that you can get proper training environment for same. Learning this art will definitely give your life a way of respect and confidence.

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