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Needless to say that Delhi and NCR is the most populated city of the world. The levels of pollution is alarming although conscious effort is being made by the citizens, government, health officials but all this is actually not bringing the change or the change is not significant to be noticed. We need to protect our families, our little ones and ourselves. Kids are more prone to get affected by the harshness of the pollution. As per the studies conducted the sad fact is that all the kids of this region will never have a fully- grown lungs. This is a sad fact that is heart breaking.

SMOG- this dreaded term is a combination or mixture of smoke and fog. It creates the hazy aura and reduces visibility as the sunlight reacts with nitrogen oxide. Being Mom of school going kids I cannot deny them from going to school or for activities but sending them out is really scary. Thus for this major issue I have decided to direct my efforts to fight with pollution. We need to the change that we want. Thus in my daily life I have decided to bring a few small changes that will have big impact in the life’s of my little ones.


The new and sustainable style of my living:

Indoor plants- what is the most horrific fact that air that is not only out but also in your house is more polluted. Shocking but true that our cozy little dens are also not safe and the air is more polluted in the house than the air out of the house. Thus my house has become a little greener. Air purifying plants such as Aloe Vera, Ivy and Spider Plant, can be placed in the home to minimize indoor pollution. Theses plants not only beautify my space but will also make the air in my house clean and pure. Green plants have the effect detoxifying the air and my mind and soul.

Ventilate the kitchen and bathroom- to avoid indoor air pollution, it is essential to have a chimney and exhaust in the kitchen and bathroom. Thus the air will recirculate and there will be no pollution. The harshness of indoor air pollution should never be underestimated and thus the kitchen and bathroom of my den have both, they beautify the place, keep the foul smell out and simultaneously help me fight air pollution.

  1. Take steam daily- we will be breathing the same polluted air, howsoever we try to control it, but by only taking steam we can get rid of the harmful substances. Everyday drop a few drops of eucalyptus oil in the water and during the evening just take steam from this water. This will relax my air- passage and help to get rid of the harmful particulates and the toxins. As a family ritual even my kids and husband take steam and we as family bond over it, and play a game to fight the evil toxins.
  2. Air purifier- there are air purifiers available work on electricity and are a bit expensive also. Plus I have an inclination on stuff that are natural. Thus to kill two birds with the same arrow purifying bag’s at my place. The bags are good to look at and they smell wonderful, and can be changed as and when needed. These bags are good to be carried in the car also. These bags have activated elements that absorbs the harmful chemicals and toxins from the surroundings and they come in recyclable packing thus they are my little soldiers in the fight against pollution.

Clean fresh, pure breathing air is our right and it is the precious gift that I  can give to my family members, thus with these small changes, I assure that they are healthy and fight the germs and toxins.

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