Work From Home Options For The Home Makers

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Every woman needs to work so that she earns and becomes economically independent and also to not get trapped in the four walls of her house and can spread her wings to fly. Today in the society of gender equality it is crucial that the female gender is accomplished to stand on her feet but

The Movie Bug In Me, And My Love For Bhojpuri Movies

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The Bhojpuri film industry has grown in leaps and bounds and presently is a 2000 crore industry. It is so because that there are some great movies being made in the regional languages. The stories and actors from these regional language movies are authentic and so real that they touch your heart. Bhojpuri film industry

How The Touch Of Smart Gadgets Made me Smart


Smart home is a  revolution for modern families where nuclear set up and both partners are working. Every little help or activity that can simplify your life and away chaos is the most welcoming step. Having a smart home and saving electricity, water and keeping the home safe is an idea that is nothing less than

Weekend at Oh! Max Indoor Wonderland

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If you are planning to spend the weekend with full-day fun and something adventurous with the family, Oh!Max Wonderland is one of the best destinations in NCR.

5 Yummy Juices That Aid Weight Loss

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Shedding the extra unwanted fat from our body is the most difficult task. Moreover, dieting and starving yourself is definitely not the right way to lose weight. Having healthy juice keeps your tummy full and promotes weight loss.


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Needless to say that Delhi and NCR is the most populated city of the world. The levels of pollution is alarming although conscious effort is being made by the citizens, government, health officials but all this is actually not bringing the change or the change is not significant to be noticed. We need to protect our


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Navratri’s are celebrated almost all over the India in different ways. In Bengal, These navratris are celebrated as the most religious festival. They named it Durga Puja. This is celebrated in a most happening way with number of gigantic and charismatic pandals. Many known committees havetaken up the charge of setting monumental pandals and come

Tips to keep your mobile phone secured

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Smart phones are necessity in today’s life. People are dependent on phones in many ways such as for socializing, chit chat, online shopping & many more. As the numbers of mobile users are increasing very frequently every day and it has been estimated to reach approx. 5 billion