How The Touch Of Smart Gadgets Made me Smart

Smart home is a  revolution for modern families where nuclear set up and both partners are working. Every little help or activity that can simplify your life and away chaos is the most welcoming step. Having a smart home and saving electricity, water and keeping the home safe is an idea that is nothing less than soulful bowl of warm soup in the chilly winters. The idea of smart home will ease your life and take away all the panic from you so that you are comfortable and can focus on your work.

 smart home is such a cool option to ease your life. Just enter the command on the laptop or an app on your smartphone and you are sorted. I an using some smart devices at my home which really makes my life much simpler, sharing few below-

Want to just let my kids watch educational stuff- No worries with Google around. The worst part while navigating on net is that it opens unwanted stuff that I never wanted my kids to see. I want their screen time to be for educational purposes and for this Google is my rescue. I give voice command to Google to play a particular educational program and Google obliges. This is the coolest and the most relaxing feature as I control and monitor what my munchkins are seeing or downloading from the internet. This sorts me out as I need to command Google to play the movie and then from  Google picks up the movie and plays it for my kids thus I need not be there physically to see what’s happening. Now with this option just relax and let the kids watch and learn.

Smart wearable- Being a mommy that too in nuclear set up required me to be very smart. With my two kids and one busy husband along with being a passionate blogger, it was needed that I took very good care of myself and my family and used my the time in the best way possible way. Being mother is overwhelming and giving my time to two kids was definitely taking a toll on me. I was always tired and in spite that my second born was two I was unable to shed my pregnancy weight plus a number of health issues because of my being overweight. Last year on my birthday my hubby gifted me an smart watch. This smart wearable is a life savior for me,it helped me to track the total steps I took day. The pace of my walking and the calories burnt while walking. It may seem simple and not of much use but trust me it helped me loose some good 5kgs and still counting. Simple, it automatically recorded how much I walked and burnt calories in a day and thus it motivated me. I walked more and it helped me to reduce weight. I did not segregate time to walk I simply walked to by my utilities or groceries and could monitor my pace and thus reduced weight and the health issues like back pain or high blood pressure and cholesterol all came in control. This truly changed my life and made me a better, fitter and smarter mom for my kids.

Smart security- security is a great matter for concern these days but with smart cameras it is no more an issue now. I have installed a smart camera at the door of my place. Now when at  home or not at an app on my phone I get all the updates of my home. If I am not there and there is any unusual activity happening or there is any case of trespassing I can get to the know that and accordingly I can plan my action. Moreover the gates of my home will open with voice command and finger sensor of my husband or me and this assures me that there will be no entry of illegitimate person and this gives me great sense of security.

This was my ways of making my life and home smarter. Technology if used in your favor is a blessing and serves the purpose of its invention.

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  1. Wonderful gadgets and devices..looking at the increasing crime rate these days smart camera has become very important these days

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