Ways to improve relationship in family members

Family, Joint, Nuclear, Love, Happiness

Our family is the place where we feel protected, we feel good, sometimes bad sometimes we feel to get rid of all the responsibilities which family has, but sometimes we feel to get isolated from this world and spend whole life only with our family. Fluctuation of emotions in the mindset of an individual is pressure of responsibilities attached in day to day life of ones professional and personal life.

People who form family simultaneously have to fulfill their responsibilities as well, but on the other hand it is very important for life to be part of family because it makes us learn how to behave in society, cooperation, and feeling of trust and loyalty which is very much important to leave healthy and successful life in society.

Types of Family:

Nuclear Family: Nuclear family is one where couple lives with their children. It does not consist of uncle aunty and grandparents.

Joint Family: Joint family is one where uncle, aunty, grandparents, mother, father and children live together. There are more earning members in this family, they live and celebrate social life together.

Benefits of family:

  • Family make us learn how to love each other and get loved.
  • Family gives us our identify, name & background.
  • Family provides us there support and love in difficult situations.
  • We make celebrations with family for making special occasions happy and memorable.
  • Family prepares us in all aspects so that we can face challenges in outer world.
  • Family teaches us how to walk and talk in society and are also responsible for individual’s overall grooming.
  • Family teaches us about our culture, Indian value systems, traditions, which helps us in shaping our spiritual selves.

Let’s discuss the nuclear family in detail.

Prospects of Nuclear Family:

  • In nuclear family it has been observed that children get responsible from young age.
  • As the number of family members is less in nuclear family, hence it has been observed that they have less expense and they are financially sound.
  • Fewer quarrels and fewer arguments in nuclear family.
  • As youngster now a day prefers freedom and fewer restrictions so, they are easily adjustable in nuclear family rather than joint family.
  • Most of the Nuclear families are economically sound and have less pressure of family budget.
  • More bigger is the family more possibilities of disagreement among the family members; nuclear family has more happiness rather than joint family because of less number of peoples.

Family, Joint, Nuclear, Love, Happiness

Disadvantages of Nuclear family:

  • In nuclear family if both mother and father are working then it is very hectic to manage small children without support.
  • Its leads to the selfish nature of kids and they do not get mixed up with others easily, accept their own family members.
  • Parents in nuclear family are more focused and attentive towards their children because guardians aren’t available in their absence which distracts them from their job or work.
  • Sometimes people of nuclear family starts feeling lonely when their parents are not available or they are outside due to official work.
  • Most of the problems occur in these kind of families when someone is not keep well because if parents are working there is no one to take care of medical facilities and medicines of the patient.
  • Most of the members of nuclear family are found busy in their job, school, colleges or some other work because of which they live for very short duration together at home, hence this leads to less emotional bonding of children with their parents.

Ways to improve relationship in Family:

  • Try to handle adverse situations with full love and patience.
  • Respect for elders and love for children will make the bounding among the family members strong.
  • Try to build strong communication among all the family members as this will help in less number of conflicts.
  • Providing proper education to the children will make them feel secure and will help them to differentiate between right and wrong.
  • Planning family outing at least once in a month will help the younger members of family to jell up with the elder members easily; this will make them feel free to share their problems.
  • One on one chat and fun kind of activities among family members will maintain the sweet relationship among them.
Family, Joint, Nuclear, Love, Happiness

Although accepting the truth that family bonds you in certain rules and regulation which is made by the society and  for the welfare of it which makes our lives difficult at times, but all is managed well if your family supports and loves you. So, it is very important to be with family & living for the family.

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