Chokhi Dhani -A Mirror image of Rajasthani Culture & Tradition

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I seldom ponder and feel that the life of metro has taken away the old traditions from the life of my kids and me and this makes me sad that how do I introduce the traditions to them. The vibrant colors

Kingdom Of Dreams – Entertainment Destination near Delhi

Kingdom of dreams, Kingdom, Places near Delhi, Culture, Nautanki

I had head about the wonderful extravaganza “ Kingdom Of Dreams”, from my friends and almost all the airports of the country have its poster with the line “ delhi aake isse nahi dekha toh kya dekha”.

Importance of Learning Foreign Language

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Communication plays very important role in our life. It is vital in terms of exchanging thoughts & ideas with each other. In this era of privatization & globalization it is very much important to know the multiple languages for maintaining pace